Our Purpose is “To connect new generations to Jesus’ Love, Path, and Mission. These are some of the ways where these connections take place.

Kids Life

Jesus had a special place his heart for children. So do we. Your children will be taught how to connect to Jesus’ Love, Path, and Mission in a fun and engaging way. Games will be played. Stories will be told. Overall, we think your children will love KidsLife, and you will love seeing its impact on their lives. <learn more>

Love Does Ministry

Jesus taught that loving our neighbor looked like a story about a Samaritan, outcast man showing compassion on another in deep need. The Good Samaritan not only gave service to the man in need, but also developed a relationship with Him. We follow Jesus’ example through many different ministries. We live this example in many ways, including collections, hands-on opportunities, and our commitment to give 10% of all offerings to ministries outside of our walls. <learn more>

Small Groups

Small Groups are the best environment for personal transformation. Some groups are short term groups that allow us to connect to both Jesus and others. Some groups last longer and go deeper. Regardless of the small group, spending time with others discussing the Bible or related themes is the most powerful format for your growth. We encourage everyone to take part in at least one short term group per year while planning on joining an ongoing group at some point. <learn more>

Youth Group

LifeBridge’s Youth Group helps translate the timeless message of Jesus into the youth’s unique season of life. This means a happy mixture of games, trips to Starbucks, and discussing topics like: How to Handle Suffering, Being Fearless, and Friendship. <learn more>

Congregational Care

God gave Jesus to respond to a hurting world. Real flesh and blood. In the same way, when someone is hurting LifeBridge responds with real flesh and blood. The Congregational Care Team consists of volunteers who excel at giving care.

Vacation Bible School (VBS)

Registration opens April 15, 2018

What happens when you combine the Bible with Science , Art, Cooking, and Outdoor Games? You get a powerful, memorable message that happens to be your kid’s favorite Vacation Bible School EVER. Most Vacation Bible Schools take children through a sequence of stations each night that include Crafts, Teaching, Games, and Snacks. LifeBridge is redesigning how we spend our time together allowing your kid(s) to focus on their favorite part of VBS.

Click here to register.  vbspro.events/p/lifebridge