Covid -19 Response Update  (5/27/20)

LifeBridge’s Board has decided to continue suspending In-Person Worship through June. We will continue to evaluate current health information as we consider what July will look like.

Here is what we are considering and the accommodations we are planning.

Covid-19 is still dangerous. There are now 100,000 deaths in the US. There are some settings that are safer than others. Indoor Church Worship is considered one of the high risk settings. There have been multiple reports of churches becoming ‘hot spots’ for people catching Covid-19. We are called to love one another and one expression of that love is to keep one another safe. The founder of The United Methodist Church once simplified Faith into Three Simple Rules. They are “Do No Harm. Do Good. Stay in Love with God.” Emphasizing safety is an expression of our desire to ‘Do no harm.” As of yesterday, suspending In-Person Worship during June is the widespread decision of each United Methodist Church in our area.

While In-Person Worship is still suspended through June, ministry is still happening. In other words, even though the building is closed, the church is open. There are opportunities galore for the church to share Jesus’ Love with others. You’ve already been doing this in hundreds of ways. Keep loving your neighbor and keep joining LifeBridge’s ministries to love other neighbors, too.

We are proud to have been able to offer Live Streaming Worship. More people are joining us on a Sunday morning online than ever before. We are glad that Live Streaming Worship has helped you continue to connect with Jesus and others. Thank you for sharing the link and inviting your friends to join you, too. We thank you for your patience and for continuing to support LIfeBridge’s ministries financially.

When we open In-Person Worship, we will be following the best recommended practices from health officials and other churches. Here are some accommodations we are working on to allow for In Person Worship to take place safely.

This is for our next phase. These accommodations will change as the health situation changes.

– Kids will worship with their parents and Worship will include additional ways to help kids connect to Jesus.
– Possibly having multiple worship services to reduce number of people in building
– Create different seating areas to better allow for 6 foot distances between households
– Suspend “Greet your neighbor,” passing the offering basket, and taking Holy Communion
– Contact Tracing – “Checking In” will become an important act to provide Contact Tracing
– RSVPs – Keeping a safe number of people in each worship service will likely require some form of RSVPs
– Masks – Current information says churches should require persons to wear a mask during their time indoors.
– Disinfecting – A team will need to disinfect all surfaces in between worship services
– Technology – Additional technology volunteers will be needed to continue Live Streaming even when In-Person Worship begins. Technology will also help other seating areas become comfortable ways to Worship.
– Singing – Music will remain. Singing might look different. Even with masks, singing projects germs further than normal talking.
– Protocols – If anyone attends LifeBridge and later learns they have Covid-19, we have to contact the Kansas Health Department, our insurance company, and our local United Methodist District Superintendent.

These are just some of the considerations for how to do this well. I hope they show how seriously we take the Covid-19 virus AND our desire to worship together in person. We welcome any feedback. You can text us at 913-278-1114.

Please continue to pray for our Board and for myself. This is our first pandemic, too. We are praying for wisdom in how to make these decisions. While so much in uncertain, we are certain that Jesus is the Savior of the World, we need him, and Jesus wants us to share His Love with the world….

And we get to serve Him together.

Thank you everyone!

In Christ,
Steven Blair
Pastor of LifeBridge United Methodist Church