Update (10/19/20)

Last week, LifeBridge’s Board voted on a process to move toward hosting Indoor Worship (Phase 3).  The process will hopefully lead to Indoor Worship beginning on Sunday, November 22 at 9am and 10:30am.  We are excited about worshipping together again.  Between now and November 22 the Covid Planning Team will practice implementing and evaluating safety procedures so that Indoor Worship is as safe as possible.  We will continue to monitor the public health situation regarding testing rates in Johnson County to determine if we can proceed with the targeted start date.

Details About Indoor Worship
1) All attendees will need to register on the LifeBridge App for the Worship Service they want to attend.  This will ensure that the numbers for each service do not eclipse the number we believe we can safely host and maintain social distancing.  This will require downloading the “Church Center” App, searching for “LifeBridge” within the app, and clicking on the event you wish to register your attendance.   The app will also be used for Check-ins so that we can perform Contact Tracing if needed.
2) Attendance will be capped. We will cap attendance at a smaller number on November 22.  If we can safely social distance at that number, we will increase the cap to what we believe the space allows.
3) Ushers will show you to your seats that are already socially distanced.
4) Masks (covering both mouth and nose) are required.  Social distancing of 6 feet between households is also required.  This will possibly require standing/sitting further away from people at LifeBridge who you are sharing closer spaces with during the week.
5) Worship will continue to connect people to Jesus through Scripture, Song, Prayers, and Sermons.
6) Congregational Singing will be discouraged.  Scientists have shown that singing projects droplets further than normal talking.  Out of abundance of caution, we will engage the music in other ways besides singing.
7) KidsLife will not meet.  Kids are invited to worship with their families to ensure they observe social distancing.  Kids will have a Kids’ Message and will be given a pack to help them engage during Worship.
8) Temperatures will be taken at the door.
9) Worship will be 45 minutes.  The shortened time allows for reduced exposure and allows time to clean the space before the 10:30am worship service.
10) Bathrooms will be limited to one person at a time and marked with a “Vacant” or “Occupied” sign.
11)  Each household will need to fill out the LifeBridge Safety Agreement one time.  It describes our safety protocols including how long to avoid In Person worship after coming in contact with someone with Covid
12) LifeBridge will continue to provide Live Steaming Worship.

How You Can Help  (email pastor@LifeBridgeKC.org)
1) Follow the Safety Procedures.  There might be differences between LifeBridge and other settings you have experienced.  Your ability to follow the Safety Procedures will enable LifeBridge to continue hosting Indoor Worship.
2) Volunteer in Tech Team.  Holding two worship services and providing Live Streaming requires additional volunteers.
3) Volunteer as Usher/Greeter/Sanitizer

We believe that ‘Love your neighbors’ includes keeping them safe.  Thank you for your help in following these Safety Procedures and volunteering so that we can worship God together again.

Continue joining us for Online Worship

We appreciate your prayers and patience.
Feel free to text any questions to 913-278-1114.
Thank you everyone!

In Christ,
Steven Blair
Pastor of LifeBridge United Methodist Church