Worshipping together is a powerful, important practice. It connects us to Jesus and builds one another up. Our Faith is a communal faith and our neighbor is a large part of our growth. Due to the Stay-at-Home Order, LifeBridge will ONLY have live streaming worship and small groups through the end of the Order on April 24.

This includes Sunday Worship, Small Groups, Connect Night, and Confirmation. The science says that the best way to avoid the spread of the coronavirus is to avoid larger groups of people. As an act of kindness, not fear, we are following the experts’ recommendation so we can all stay safe.

This does not mean that the Church becomes inactive. Quite the opposite is happening.

  • Care
    Jesus calls us the Light of the World. This is going to be an exciting time for ministry. Each of you is duly appointed to be a Light to those around you. Check in with your neighbors, your family. Learn what they need and help them. Share your needs with us as well. Texting us at 913-278-1114 or contact Pastor Steven at 913-424-8621.
    **If you want to join a team of people who will mobilize to help the community, respond below or text 913-278-1114.
  • Grow in Your Faith
    Let’s use these 14 days to try new ways of growing in our Faith. We will use texts and posts to pass along Scriptures, prayers, and other ideas. We are discussing other ways to stay connected via technology as well. Most of us will have extra time on our hands. Let’s use that extra time well.
  • Giving
    We ask that everyone continues to support the ministries of LifeBridge during these weeks. One way is to use our Giving By Text feature. You can text your gift to 913-305-5509. If you haven’t used this service before, you simply text your amount with the dollar sign in front of it (ie. $25). The first gift will require you to set up your debit card information. In times of need, the world needs the Church. You can also mail a check to
    LifeBridge United Methodist Church
    PO Box 860504
    Shawnee, KS 66286
  • We are suspending meeting in person through April 24. We are by no means stepping away from being the Church. This is a unique time. This is a unique opportunity for the Church to be a source of Light, Hope, and Care. LifeBridge commits to being the Body of Christ at this time and YOU are part of it.

    YOU. US. WE get to make a difference. You will see invitations along the way for what that can look like. Join us in these ideas and if you have a wonderful idea too let us know so we can join you.

    The World needs Jesus.
    The Works needs the Church.
    We will be the Church.

    Thank you everyone. Let’s do some amazing ministry together.