Covid -19 Response Update  (7/9/2020)

Below are the Phases for Reopening In-Person Gatherings at LifeBridge approved by our Board. The Board will determine when we move forward, or backward, along these phases based upon the current cases of COVID-19, state and county laws, and our ability to follow the necessary protocols to keep people safe. The plans included in our Phases have been developed through conversations with over 30 local churches.

We are currently in Phase 1. We are monitoring the situation regarding when we can move to Phase 2 while also getting everything ready for Phase 3 which is when In Person Worship with the mentioned restrictions can begin.
We ask that you help us prepare for Phase 3 by doing the following.

Let us know if you are willing to serve and/or plan to make everything as safe as possible for In Person Worship. Text us at 913-278-1114.
Download the “Church Center’ app. We will use it for reservations and for contact tracing.
Continue joining us for Online Worship and other online groups like Virtual Bible Summer

We appreciate your prayers and patience. There is a lot that we do not know about COVID-19 yet. We do know that indoor gatherings including different households for an extended period of time is considered a higher risk setting. We are committed to making sure we do everything possible to make it as safe as possible for you. We love you, including those we’ve not met yet. Your well being is very important to God and to us.
We look forward to safely seeing everyone face to face.

Feel free to text any questions to 913-278-1114.

Thank you everyone!

In Christ,
Steven Blair
Pastor of LifeBridge United Methodist Church