About Us

There are a lot of great churches out there.  We would like to share a piece of our Purpose, Beliefs, and Leadership to help you decide if LifeBridge is the church for you.  If you have questions about anything you read, contact office@LifeBridgeKC.org

“New Generations”
We chose words that are common and easily understandable regardless of a person’s duration with faith. LifeBridge’s Purpose is: To Connect New Generations to Jesus’ Love, Path, and Mission. This draws us to emphasize ministries that reach out to children, youth, and their parents. We find that emphasizing ministry to “New Generations” increases the value that those around retirement age and beyond have within the church. We also see “New Generations” as a call to always remain relevant to the situations that people today are facing. The generations who are alive in 2015 experience life differently than 25 years ago. LifeBridge meets people where they are and connects them to Jesus.We are a church who centers our thoughts and actions around Jesus.

Jesus’ Love
– Jesus loves. It is what he does. We want to connect everyone to his Love and not just the “good behavior” that people may connect with being a Christian. We want you to know and feel his Love. It will give you comfort and joy during both hard times and mundane days.

Jesus’ Path –
Jesus loves and his teachings are part of his love. Following Jesus, however difficult, is the best possible way to live and we want to connect you to Jesus’ Path.

Jesus’ Mission
– Jesus’ Mission was about making Earth look more like Heaven. He would heal and feed; eat with the outcasts and laugh with children. Jesus would upset the status quo when the status quo was not good enough. Being part of Jesus’ Mission is the ultimate ‘something bigger’ that we desire to be a part of. Our Purpose is connect you to Jesus’ Mission which includes you connecting more people to Jesus’ Mission.
What is a United Methodist Church?
The United Methodist Church was created in 1968, but can be traced to John Wesley in the 18th century. You can learn more about The United Methodist Church by visiting the official online ministry. Churches and denominations are more alike than they are different. What’s so special about a United Methodist Church? Basically, not much. About 95% of our beliefs you will find in any other church. There are some differences. Here are the highlights.

Same Heart
A United Methodist Church is filled with people with different opinions. That is OK. John Wesley stated “In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; in all things, charity.” We view this diversity as a strength as we promise to love people who may have different views.

We talk about Grace A LOT. Grace refers to the unearned love that God gives us. Some have called it amazing. We do use the word Sin because it is a truthful word. We use it, however, as the backdrop of a larger, fulfilling message about Grace.


All people are created equal. The United Methodist Church is the largest denomination that ordains women as pastors. We are proud of that distinction. The equality of all people is a defining characteristic of a United Methodist Church.

Science is a trustworthy source for understanding God and God’s world. God is never insecure about people finding truth. We can learn from science and allow it to teach us about topics like mental health, the environment, addictions, and the universe.

The Bible
The Bible is inspired by God at a magnitude unmatched by other books. It also is formed by authors who were products of their time and location. The Bible is worth our attention and struggle. In its pages we can learn about God and know how to live under God’s Love.
We believe God calls everyone to be part of something great.  We have amazing leaders and helpers who live out part of that exciting calling at LifeBridge.   While they are a bit camera shy, we want to share their names and a bit of what they do.

Aubree Monrean (staff)
– Director of KidsLife Ministries.  Aubree is a kid-guru with a passion for teaching.  She wakes up thinking about ways to help kids learn about Jesus while they are having fun.  How?  Let her show you.

Catina Sauder
– High School Youth Leader.  Catina’s the adult that high schoolers want to talk to. Maybe it is because she’s still part high school.   Her nickname is Cat and she is a Shakespeare with emojis.  Thought you should know.

Mark Hembrey –
 Connections Coordinator.  Mark’s first passion is to make your First Sunday Awesome.  His second passion is to make your Second Sunday Awesome.  Any guesses on what his third passion might be?

Jo Ellen Humphrey
 – Action Team Chairperson.  Jo Ellen helps take our dreams and puts them into action.  She is a ‘make it happen’ expert.

Elaine Scheelk– Staff Parish Relations Chairperson.  (SPRC is a fancy name for being a liaison between church and pastor helping to support both).  Elaine’s team is in charge of supporting the staff and providing checks and balances.  Imagine Congress, but without the dysfunction.

Carol Kraft
– Sunday Mornings Coordinator.  Carol and her team make sure Sundays are awesome for you.  Has she been your friend for months?  Nope, you just met her.Chad and Dianne Davis – Care Team Coordinators.  Chad and Dianne will pray with you and for you.  Their team works with Pastor Steven to make sure you don’t have to go through anything alone.  They are like superheroes whose superpower is compassion.

John Pankau – Wednesday Connect Night Leader – John oversees the nuts and bolts of our Wednesday Connect Night along with his team.  If it runs smoothly, it is because of John.  If something doesn’t run smoothly, John will still say it is because of him… even if it was just one of those things.

Monica Jacobs
– Finance Chairperson.  Monica and her team see to it that the most good can come out of what people generously give to God through LifeBridge.  She is so nice, you will wonder how she can be so good with numbers, too.

Corey Mohn –
Corey helps steer the ship.   He is like Johnny Appleseed, if Johnny Appleseed planted hope and happiness where he walked instead of just apples.
If you want to join the mission and join the fun, email office@LifeBridgeKC.org.

Meet Our Pastor

Steven Blair has been serving as our pastor since July 2014. He is married to Holly Snyder and has two sons, Camden and Finnegan. Steven is easy to talk to and offers relevant sermons every week with the right balance of levity and challenge.

Steven grew up in the St. Louis area but has lived in the Kansas City area for twelve years allowing him to be trained in our ways. You can even find him cheering on the Royals and Chiefs as if he was born here.